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"There’s only two of us. We can’t do it alone."

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Emma Approved - episode 9 vs. episode 65

Harriet … Sweet, Harriet.

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”[…] she believed herself in the secret of everybody’s feelings; with unpardonable arrogance proposed to arrange everybody’s destiny. She was proved to have been universally mistaken.”

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Little Emma Approved Things [04/?]


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Emma Approved - Episode 65: Big Girls Don’t Cry


Emma Approved - Episode 65: Big Girls Don’t Cry

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I want someone to explain to me how Hook is not a piece of shit.

I want anyone to explain to me how Captain Swan is healthy.

And I want this to be done without comparing other ships or villains.

I need someone to please tell me how Hook’s “redemption arc” is not based solely around Emma and his misogynistic attempt to “win” her. 

But no one will do this. Because the only way to make Killian Jones look good is by throwing everyone else under the bus. 


When he turns a one-time kiss into a bigger deal than it isJustkillianthings


When he turns a one-time kiss into a bigger deal than it is

Anonymous wrote: "Re: grief. On better-written shows (in which I include your average daytime soap opera), it's usually made clear when someone bangs somebody moments after their lover's death that they are acting out sexually. In a show with any psychological underpinning, Emma would only be turning to Killy Poo BECAUSE she lost the two men she loved, Neal and Walsh, in such short succession, and she's clinging to the one thing that's left."




Good point. Hook is a rebound.

This is so important.

Because if the show had any grounding in emotional reality (which it claims to), Emma would go for Hook because of her string of dead love interests. 

Because first (on the show) she lost Graham and watched him die in her arms.

Then she watched August die in her arms, just to have him resurrected into Pinocchio 2.0, so she lost someone who was at least her friend in a manner similar to having lost Graham, then gets him back but it’s not him.

Then she finds out that Neal is back and then he seemingly dies right after admitting that he never really stopped loving her and she watches as he disappears into a vortex to another world (in the same way that he was originally lost from his father).

Then she finds out she almost lost her father, but this charismatic asshat saved him and yes he’s an asshat and asking for a reward but she’s lonely and has lost so much and almost lost even more so she kisses him.

THEN she finds out that Neal is still alive and she has to admit to him that she was hoping that he was dead because she couldn’t go through losing and finding him again because it is too painful. They hug and he tells her it’s ok, but obviously they have some issues to work through.

THEN she has to leave everyone she has ever met in Storybrooke and forget them forever. Her entire family will be gone and she will have no memory of them.

THEN she moves on and has a boyfriend and she thinks she wants to maybe get married to him, but it turns out that he’s actually working for the Wicked Witch and Emma can’t catch a break.

AND THEN she gets back to town and Neal is missing and then they finally find him and then he dies in her arms.

So Emma should clearly be in a place of emotional turmoil because her love interests keep DYING, and that Hook, who has been persistent to the point of being a creeper, is THERE but more importantly he is ALIVE.

Similarly for Hook, he watched his love die in his arms. He pursued revenge for her death for THREE HUNDRED YEARS. And then when it was close, and he thought he had it, his revenge was ripped away from him.

So then his obsession transfers onto Emma. Maybe if Emma will love him then all of the things he did for the past three hundred years will be worth it. He couldn’t avenge Milah’s death, but maybe he can find a new love.

That’s what the show should be showing (pun intended) us. We should see two people who are completely wrapped up in their own emotional problems that they are clinging to someone else in hopes of fixing them. We should see clearly that any relationship that comes out of this will not work in the long term because other people do not exist to fix you and you can’t build a healthy relationship on that premise. We should see them come together desperately and then gradually disintegrate as they realize that it’s not working, and, most importantly, as they realize why it isn’t working. Maybe one of them holds onto the relationship and the other figures it out first, or maybe they both figure it out at the same time, but the show needs a breakup that isn’t because the other person died.

We need to see two adults end an adult relationship with maturity and respect. That show needs this.

Anon and Trekkie have analyzed this so well.