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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Appreciation Week (Day 2: August 18th) 


Day 2: Favorite Episode

Though “Dirty Little Secrets” contains my favorite scene, I think my favorite episode has to be ”Heart of the Matter.”

anneboleyns:    new stills from OUATIW 1.11

Overall, I think it’s one of the strongest episodes of the whole show.

I loved it partially because it focused on both my favorite ship (Scarlet Queen) and favorite characters (Anastasia and Will individually), but also because the storyline and flashbacks were so cohesive and well put together.

Every minute of this episode served a purpose, and every line was well-written. Every scene revealed or expounded upon these characters and their relationships and motives.

In the present day you’ve got all these scenes of the Knave and the Red Queen stuck in jail together, discussing their pasts. (Three cheers for characters actually talking about their feelings like the adults they are!)

Meanwhile Alice and Cyrus are running around Storybrooke with the White Rabbit trying to find Will’s heart while playing around with modern day technology. Which eventually leads to the confrontation between them and Jafar in which Cyrus “reunites” with his mother.

Then in flashbacks you’ve got Will trying to convince Anastasia to run away with him during the few days leading up to her wedding, showing just how in love the two of them truly were (and still are). All of this guest starring to utterly malevolent and vindictive Queen of Hearts, Cora Mills herself.

Throw in Jafar seeming like a genuinely manipulative and menacing villain throughout the episode, along with the Jabberwocky continuing to be deliciously terrifying.

All of which culminating in one of the biggest damn kisses this show has ever had.

Followed by a scene so heartbreak that it had me legitimately crying for several minutes after the episode ended.

queentremaine:    "Anastasia and Will, we already had all the magic we needed, right?"     "T  h  a  t     w  e     d  i  d …"

And let’s not forget to mention these two lines:

“Have you forgotten all the good times we’ve had?”“Have you forgotten all the good times we’ve had?”

All together, everything just works fabulously.

This episode did everything right. It hit all the right notes, which all came together to form the perfect, tear-jerking cord.

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Lumenocity. Reasons why Cincy is awesome.

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Anonymous wrote: "What do you think of the fact at one point Regina tried to force-choke Robin simply because he tried to stop her from putting herself under the Sleeping Curse? All the poor guy did was try and reason with her to find something else to live for rather than given to despair. Personally, I think that really decent of him to show some concern towards her."


Unfortunately Robin hasn’t been given much development, but apart for a giant blind spot when it come to Regina, he seems to be a great guy. He was very supportive of her and did his best to help with her grief in that scene. It would have been a great moment, and a great start, if he had actually gotten through to her, rather than her change her mind because she found someone to destroy.

My thoughts on her actions were pretty much ‘not surprised’. Regina being willing to kill a innocent man who was just trying to help her because he was in her way? That is what I expect from her.  

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Michael Raymond-James: “Me, the incredible Rafe Spall, and the best military advisor in the biz, Billy “Handsome” Budd #SonsOfLiberty”


Michael Raymond-James: “Me, the incredible Rafe Spall, and the best military advisor in the biz, Billy “Handsome” Budd #SonsOfLiberty”


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Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, RED, 1989

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Anonymous wrote: "I love Emma, but she's a really horrible sheriff. Her son's adopted mother is a mass murderer- let her off. She's dating a man she arrested for attempted murder and her only acknowledgement of it after his escape is to make him apologize to the victim. She punished Hook harder for stealing a kiss in NYC."





Difference between Hook and Regina is that she actually shows remorse for what she’s done and actually tries to better herself (although I have no idea if that will continue in S4) whereas Hook shrugs his shoulders and Emma let’s him get away with it. Did you see her face when Belle didn’t want Hook staying with her because he tried to murder her? She looked seriously annoyed at Belle, which is just so wildly OOC of her. Women should stick together from men like Hook, and here Emma is not even giving a shit about what he did to Belle. Not like Emma at all.

Here’s a good question — why was Hook wandering free and not IN JAIL after he got out of the hospital? Other than plot device I got nothing.


Yeah, I’m not sure why Charming needed him to come along when they were searching the Jolly Roger. Other than it was just a convenient way from him to get away and join up with Regina and Cora. As if they couldn’t use their magic to get him out of a jail cell when they wanted him. And considering they really didn’t have much use for him either……uh I don’t know. That’s the problem with Once. If you really start to think about stuff, it really doesn’t make any sense. And it’s always the non-magical stuff that makes the least sense. 

Anonymous wrote: "I find it interesting how ER BAs constantly use Regina's immaturity as an excuse for her behavior, yet they expect a child like Young Snow, not to be manipulated by one of the most evil characters on the show. For thing, Regina was an adult when she CHOSE to marry Leopold. Maleficent said Snow and Regina were the same age when they both got married. She was an old enough to know right from wrong, yet no one says anything bad about her evil choices."







Okay, let’s get one thing straight. SHE DID NOT FUCKING CHOOSE TO MARRY LEOPOLD.

1). Let’s get one thing straight—calm down and respect my opinion as I respect your’s. This is simply my opinion—there is no need for you to use that kind of language with me when this has been a polite conversation with between me and my followers.

2). She went back to Leopold after meeting up with Rumple when she had been leaving. 2x02. She told Rumple she was leaving—“that was always the plan.” During the scene, he convinced her to let him be her teacher, and she agreed. Next time we see young Regina, she is married. We see no hint of her being dragged back to married Leopold.

Again, this is my opinion. You don’t like it, fine. But be respectful about this.

I hate when people act like the end of “We Are Both” never happened. Regina liked using magic, so she chose to be Rumple’s student and she chose to stay. And to stay meant to marry the king.


Anonymous wrote: "I honestly don't think Neal died because of CS. A&E planned on killing him before S3 began and pre S3 CS was still seen as a crack!ship with a small amount of fans. Personally I think Neal was a victim of "we've written ourselves into a corner with this character we're not interested in so instead of developing him lets just kill him""



Anon 2: “I don’t believe Neal’s death had anything to do with CS” agree, seems to me that A&E introduced him too early and panicked because once Rumpel got over himself and stopped wallowing in man pain Baelfire was no longer needed. They should have kept Neal and Baelfire as separate characters IMO

I don’t believe Neal’s death was planned. I think they came up wit that shit at the last moment, just like basically everything else in season 3.

I think the shitty writing in general - in which CS is included - resulted in Neal’s death. There was probably more than the CS factor, but I think all of it is linked.

I mean, JMo basically admitted they killed Neal so that Emma could connect with someone else.

Yeah if they had planned Neal’s death before the start of season 3, then they didn’t have to bring him back from his apparent death at the end of season 2.

The only “planning” of Neal’s death happened over the hiatus. So much in 3a doesn’t make a lick of sense if it was planned from the start of the season.